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2009 A12 Reunion

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This page was last updated: September 29, 2009
The 2009 A12 reunion was a success by most standards with 50 A12 cars in attendance, but we were hoping for more cars.  Many cars have changed hands since the 05 reunion and the economy kept quite a few cars at home.  There are mini reunions in the works to gear up for the next big one in 2014.  More information on the mini reunions can be found on the Registry/A12 Forum
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The 2009 A12 invitational building
The 2009 A12 invitational building
The 2009 A12 show field
The 2009 A12 show field
5600 mile survivor
Mr. SixPack's R4 auto
Dane Young's latest resto. R4 4spd
Frank Dstryr's Runner
F6 white painted top belongs to Jack Lee
V2 4spd Jimmy Bowman
My V2 4spd
Pete's X9 auto
R4 with platnum interior
R4 4spd buckets console white interior
Jimmy's Bee again
Mike's F6 4spd
Gary Thomas
Mike Belcarz X9 4spd