2005 A12 Reunion at Calisle
The Greatest Show On Earth!
I put some finishing touches on the car Wednesday before loading it up.  It still needs a couple of thigs addressed, but it made it to the reunion!

Thanks to all of the guys that made this idea a reality. The reunion really was a great success!

This is my car coming off the trailer late Friday morning. The sun came out, and so did the A12's  Wow!  What a turn out! 

My car CT's F6 auto, Danes Elf 4spd

GT's ( Gary Thomas)4spd  Originally a V2 car Gary is not afraid to drive car the way they were intended.  His B5 383 survivor was just featured in this months MCG!

EL5, 96, and F6, 97 seemed to be the most common colors in attendance.  A bit of a surprise to most of us I think.

The A12 RR with the wheel discs was the only true black  A12 car that I saw.  It was said that there was a black A12 RR in the sale lot, but I missed it.

Kevin's EL5 with white! Quite a unique color combo!

Mr Sixpack Bob Karakashian with is survivor R4 Auto! Thanks Bob!

EL5 in the judged show.  I spoke with the owner, and he had an R4 A12 RR in the reunion field.

R4 bench seat auto in the show field.

Next to this beautifully restored EK2 RR is Mikes (DRMOPAR) code 97 A12 coupe.  I noticed that it was the only white top car in attendance. Sorry I didn't get a better pic. Mike!

My personal favorite car of the reunion was this F3 with F8 two tone interior RR.  The tag wasn't there, but if it's restored to the correct color combo it was a breath of fresh air!

A4 Runner from inside the building!  Way Cool with the B5 interior!

R4 from CA in the resale lot. The same color combo as my first Bee!

V2 4spd from the resale lot.

Dane's incredibly restored EL5 4spd!

This is the original Promo car!  Henry George restored this car with incredible attention to detail after finding out that his father had purchaed one of two pilot cars when it was new!

As far as I know Frank gets the award for most distance traveled to attend!  1800 miles!  Great to finally meet you Frank!

Lon's 7,800 mile A4/A4 Road Runner!  Really Sweet!  Thanks Lon for all of the memorabila!