Chris has owned a few Bee's in the past few years but has finaly found what he says is his last? Factory FC7 with white buckets console auto.  air conditioning and a factory painted white roof!  The car was neglected for years and in dyer need of a full resto. that CT is in the middle of doing right now (2008).  I will post progress pics. as I receive them.
His plan is to attend Chrysler at Carlisle with me at the A12 Reunion with the 70 Bee!
Chris Tola's FC7 70 Bee!

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CT's Bee just before the resto. began!

CT's Bee the day he brought it home from the paint shop! More pics. will be added.

CT's 69 383 benchseat auto. He sold it.

Picking up the FC7 car 07!

I will insert  a couple of good pics. of Ct's F6 A12 Bee here when I find them.

Out in the fall of 07 on the annual Autumn cruise!

CT, Bob K., and I fired it up on Oct. 25, 2008.  Ran flawlessly!  CT did the rebuild and all of the installation!  More pics. will be added.

CT's car is finished as of summer 09.  Not quite ready for the Fall Cruise, but should be out in the spring of 20010.