Gallery 6
Original Y2 From the Registry Thanks Dave!
EV2 bench seat auto!
Original EL5! Now V2
F6 Thanks Jeff!
EL5 Auto!
EV or R4 I can't recall? Thanks Dennis!
F6 Coupe with the ever elusive stationary wheel discs!
EV2 auto!
F6 4spd!
F6 4spd w/ buckets! Sweet!
Originally EL5 now V2!
F6 4spd w/white int!  Thanks Sam!
F6 from the net!
F6 4spd bench from the net!
EL5 Survivor bench seat auto!
Mr. Six Pack at the 2003 Shootout
Paul Petko at the 2003 Shootout
Jim Bowman at the 2003 Shootout
R4 coupe bench auto at the 2003 Shootout