Gallery 8
Steve's car on Woodward on 2007
Frankenmuth Mi 2007
From AZ winter 07
Car # 313 on the Registry.  Thanks Bob!
Butterscotch auto!
Same as above.  One of my all time favorite color combos for an A12!
Danes  Butterscotch buckets console 4spd car!  He's sold this one and is working on a R4 project now!
Dan Greener's  Hopped up A12 with a Dick Landy built hemi.  Factory  R4 4spd A12 has since been sold.
F6 4spd for sale on the net out of NH.
Pigion Forge Tennesee invitational Mucsle Car show!   Perhaps the finist gathering of Musclecars I've ever seen! Butterbee Survivor!
Factory X9 with Red bench seat 4spd!
Factory A12 for sale on the net.
One of the nicest shots of an A12 I've ever seen!  Thanks Rich!
V2 4spd from Oregon.
V2 4spd from Oregon again!
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Nice collection of A12's at Stanton 2007  The Pure Stocks are beginning to look like A12 reunions!
Car # 194 on the registry! Factory X9
Nice one from the net looks like V2 M-code?  I like road wheels!
Lance Jones's V2 4spd console!  Looks familiar to me!
V2 with white looks stunning!
V2 again!  Looks like mine!
Y2 bench seat auto!
WM219A on the A12 restoration Forum