My 70 Bee
Cool's Sublime 70 4spd Bee

This page will be devoted to my 70 Bee.
Factory  FJ5 Sublime  Green with a white bench seat interior.  Ramcharger hood and a 4spd.  Those who know me know that I prefer 4spds.  The car is a real nice driver.
My wife and I drove tho North Dakota via the Michigan Upper Peninsula. to pick up the Bee in the fall of 07.  It was one of the best times that we've ever had.  We made a four day vacation out of it and had an absolute blast.
On the way back with the car we pulled it out of the trailer for a few shots.
We brought it home on a Thursday and on Friday we took it out to one of the local cruises.
These shots were taken in the spring of 08
This shot was taken in the fall of 07.  Took the Cragars off in the spring of 08
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Cruising in the fall of 07
Scott, Kerry and me cruising from Bakers to Woodwrd in the fall of 07. Ramcharger hoods!
KT's fall cruise.  Stopped at Starbucks for snack.
KT's fall cruise.  My youngest daughter and my Bee.  I almost hit the cowpie!
These next few pics. were take in the fall of 08.


Here's a pic. of the truck and trailer from an observation tower in MN.
I sold this Bee the summer of 2009