The 1989 Trans Am Indy Pace cars are all white. The only options are the  T-tops and leather interior.  There were 1,555 cars produced including 5 preproduction cars. My car is one of  1,324 built with t-tops and leather.  There were 187 built with T-tops and cloth. 24 hardtops with leather. 15 with hardtop and cloth.   The 89 Trans Am uses the 3.8 Buick Grand National drive line with some subtle improvements that produce around 300 hp.  These were the 1st cars that needed no modifications to maintain the 130mph pace of the 73rd Indy 500. 
My 1989 Turbo Trans Am Pace Car

Included with all the 1989 Pace Car Trans Ams is this owner's kit.  It gives the owner the option of adding the Indy decals to their car.  There is also a Pontiac decal for the windshield.  This is my kit.  The orginal owner purchased an extra set of decals to install on the car.

My TTA had 28,000 original miles and was still wearing its original tireswhen I bought it in 2009.   In 2012 I replaced the tires.  There are a few mods.  I have an adjustable Turbo Boost controller as well as a knock sensor.  There is a slightly larger turbo, test pipe, larger fuel injectors, more efficiant fuel pump, and a modified computer chip.  All this together  has taken the car down to 12.50's in the 1/4 mile. 
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Here's My TTA on Woodward in 2012