My car is one of the 826 hardtop Sixpacks built.  It has a 4spd with buckets and a console. My car is a factory radio delete car, and has no power options.  In 2003 I pulled the motor out for a factory stock rebuild and it turned into a total rotissorie restoration.  My original intention after 10 years of driving the heck out of the car was to compete in the Pure Stocks.  The car turned out just a little bit too nice to abuse so it's taken me a while but finally made it to Milan in the fall of 07.  The car went a very consistent 13.44 to 13.55.   It will return to the track this season for a little tuning!
This is my Bee as of July 2005!  It just underwent a two year rotissorie rstoration.   The first outing was the A12 Reunion in Carlisle PA 2005. To see the full restoration you can go to the Restoration page of my website!

2006 After a two year rotissorie restoration
Leaving for Carlisle 05 for the A12 Reunion
CT and me at Red Barns 05, My Bee took 1st place!
Took it to the track in the fall of 07 ran 13:44 at 106.  I'll get better!
Tried some new wheels in 07, but I'm not happy with the tire size so they came off!
My Bee usually sees plenty of street use.  This is one of my favorite shots.  Not the best background, but the color is perfect!

Carlisle 05
Carlisle 05
Carlisle 05
My girls at Red Barns 07
Red Barns 05
My two Bad Boy's.  Better known as Jr. and Buddy.
Over the winter of 07 I gave them a more suitable place to stay!
My Bee as it appears in the Readers Rides section of Mopar Magazine.  I don't know who sent it in (Pretty Funny). Don't worry I'm not going to cut it up!
Here's a picture of my girls!  Chelsea, Katie and my wife Nancy.  The Delwebb show in 08 was the first time that all three spent the whold day at a show with me.  It turned out to be a great show and everyone had fun!
Here's a picture of my cars at the Delwebb show in 08.  The show was only two miles from my house so I was able to take both cars for the first time ever.  It was cool!
My 69 took home a trophy!
My tribute to Calvin Smith!  His car was the inspiration for my resto. and I love the magazine spread that was set up like this!
Fall 2008
My Bee at the 2009 A12 Reunion at Carlisle.  We were in the invitational building and it was very different.  It made the event easy, but made the socializing difficult.  These were taken during the set up.
My girls at Red Barns summer of 2009.  Always a fantastic show! Great place for the family.  My wifes first time ans she is planning on it again for 2010