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This is the original Dodge advertisement introducing the 440 six pack to the public.

The six pack option is denoted in the VIN by the fifth digit of "M".  Lift-off cars, as they are commonly referred to, were available in both hard tops (WM23M) and coupes (WM21M).  They made 1487 hard tops (661 auto and 826 4-spd) and 420 coupes (153 auto and 267 4-spd).

The option code for six pack cars (A12) consists of the following items.  The A12 option replaces the 383 4bbl with a 440 3-2bbl engine, including three 2bbl carburetors on top of an Edelbrock aluminum intake.  A Hemi 4-speed transmission is standard with the 727 Hemi automatic being available as an option.  The drive train upgrade also includes 26-inch radiator with a 7-blade torque drive fan.  Also included is the 9-3/4 Dana (410 gear ratio) rear end and four-wheel 11-inch drum brakes.  Disks are not available.

A no-gloss black fiberglass hood pinned at each corner and a functional air scoop is part of the package.  Because of the large breather assembly, a 3-speed wiper motor was also included.  15" x 6" JJ rims with 15-inch red-streak tires were the only tire and wheel combination available.

With the mid-year introduction of the lift-off cars came four new high-impact colors:  Hemi orange (V2), bright red (R4), bright green (F6), and yellow (which was a write-in option).

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A12 Reunion Carlisle 2009 Photo Gallery
24269 Novi Rd.
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Ed Cook at  F.A.S.T. June 08
My tribute to Calvin Smiths photo shoot!  11-6-08
Ed and James Cook  Fast 2008

The photo's from the 2009 A12 Reunion are up!
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1969 1/2 Dodge Super Bee 440 Six Pack
1969 Dodge Super Bee
1969 dodge super bee 440 six pack
My 1969 super bee 440 six pack
1969 1/2 Dodge SuperBee
1969 1/2 Dodge six pack
1969 Dodge SuperBee
1969  six pack super bee
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