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My Bee getting ready for the paint shop!
Ready for E-coat! April 27, 2003
Delivered to paint shop April 24
At the media blasters April 21, 03
April 24, 2003

As of  November 2, 2004 all that is left are a few little detail items, and the side glass w/regulatores.  The car runs really smooth, and although I haven't hit it hard yet it feels ready to move! It will be at the Carlysle Reunion!
My Bee in primer May 3, 2003
Both the front and rear suspension dropped out June 1, 2003, and on the rotissorie!
The underside is prepped and ready for prime June 5, 2003
My Bee is really coming along now! Setmber 6, 2003.  Base coat clear coat.  Just a bit more then I had origanally intended!
October 9, 2003  The suspension is all powder coated and back in place, as well as new fuel/brake lines and tank.
October 15, 2003  The car is back on the ground for the final prep.  All the body panals are lined up and look great!  The sections that have already been cut in as well as the complete undercarriage have been properly masked off.
October 25, 2003  The paint is complete and the wetsanding, and polishing have begun.  The pictures do not do the car  justice!
November 8, 03 the stripe is on!
The car returned home on Friday Nov. 14, 2003.  It looks great!  Thanks To Ralph and Donny!!   They did an incredible job on the body and paint!  Thanks to CT, John, Chris, and Tony, all who have  helped me with so much up to this point!  Thanks Guys!  I couldn't have done without your help!
  Very special thanks to all of my friends that helped me with the car!  John Batog,  Chris Tola, Bob Karakashian, Chris Lozon, Don Randolph, Ralph Farmer, Mike Belcarz, Dave Belcarz Paul Jacobs, Tony Dicicco, Andy Matika, Gary Thomas, Rich knapp, and Bob Glespi--Not only for the labor, but the knowledge, guidance, parts, tools, contacts, and so much more that went into the 1 1/2-year restoration that began with  what was supposed to be just a simple engine rebuild!
  I also want to thank the vendors that I used to complete the restoration:  Jacobs Restorations, Deutschman Automotive, Year One, Best Machine, Roger Gibson Restorations, Passon Performance,  Mancini Racing, Tri-City Plating, Jennings Plating, Eric Manuel, Q.C. Coatings, and more!   I highly recommend each and every one of these vendors!
Steve Cool
Restorations page 2
My Bee is one of 826 hardtops built.  It's a factory buckets console 4spd with radio delete and no power options.  Prior to the restoration my car retained at least 75% of the original paint.  I purchased the car back in 1993 with about 45,000 miles on it  just a couple of weeks after my first daughter was born. 
Prior to the resto at Redbarns 2001
This picture was taken sometime in 98
Original interior!
Original engine compartment.